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Bell Schedule

Week Plan Notes 
Jan 10-21 In-school classes 

Connect Mondays and Fridays 

4 period schedule Tuesday – Thursday (No Engage).  See schedule below. 

Regular transportation 

Jan 24-27 Reassessment/write to improve opportunities 

Students will be provided opportunities to re-assess in all subject areas. These are optional; however, we encourage students to take advantage of these write to improve assessments. It is a great opportunity to improve your mark.   

Student Action Plan: Choose to participate in re-assessment opportunities with a mindset of improving your current mark. 

In order to avoid conflict, priority for re-assessment times are below.   

Morning (AM): 9:00am 

Monday – Period 1 classes 

Tuesday – Period 2 classes 

Wednesday – Period 3 classes 

Thursday – Period 4 classes 

Afternoon (PM): 12:30pm  

Re-assessments by appointment only 

Jan 28 No classes Transition day for all High School teachers 
Jan 31No classesProfessional Growth Day K-12
Feb 1Semester 2 StartsQuarter 3 classes start- 4 Block Schedule Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday