All Saints High School

The name, All Saints, venerates all of the saints known and unknown who have been raised up by the grace of God and are in possession of eternal salvation in its entirety (beatific vision). It includes both saints who have a particular feast day in the liturgical calendar as well as those who do not.

The name of All Saints emerges as a timely declaration of the strength of our faith as a Catholic school district. The name is first a celebration of every patron saint who intercedes over our school communities. However, the name offers more than just a recollection of individuals. The name offers a unique reminder that we stand together as one in the Lord, called to life through the same baptism, and gifted to fulfill our vocations through the same Spirit. The name of All Saints reminds us that we stand in the company of a ‘great cloud of witnesses’, whose holy and joyous communion with the heavenly hosts inspire us to seek God’s kingdom on earth above all things.

In the daily life of a school community, the name of All Saints guides our Catholic pedagogy in three ways:

  • It is a reminder that our learning and growth happens in the context of community
  • It is a reminder that our community of learning is rooted in one faith, one Lord, one baptism
  • It is a reminder that our vocation as a learning community is to grow in our witness our faith through lives of holy action

This name was selected for its inclusive nature and ability to represent saints from different cultural backgrounds, periods in history, genders and ages. It is meant to:

  • inspire personal faith formation experiences and connections with a variety of saints, in both students and staff
  • it allows for all members of the school community to strive toward holiness, by modelling their lives after those who have been recognized as saints.

The commemoration of All Saints’ Day reminds us of our universal call to holiness. Whatever our rank or status, we are called to the fullness of Christian life and the perfection of charity. We devote ourselves to following in the footprints of Christ that we may be conformed to his image. We also devote ourselves to service of our neighbour and to bringing glory to God.

All Saints’ Day also inspires us with hope as there now lives among the saints in heaven, those whom we have known, those who have lived lives on earth like our own. Saints come from all states and walks of life: clergy and lay, married and single, humble and mighty.

FEAST DAY: November 1